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Integrated Financial Engineering Inc.

IFE Group is a boutique consulting firm, specializing in quantitative analytics and mortgage finance—model development, review and validation, and implementation; policy evaluations; and financial management. We have been providing services to the government, government sponsored enterprises, private sectors, and international governments and businesses for the past 15 years. Coupling our expertise with our passion for data and modeling, IFE Group has been creating custom solutions and delivering actionable insights to meet our clients’ business challenges.

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Our services require rigorous quantitative skills, extensive industry knowledge, executive portfolio management experience, and familiarity with policy implications. We strive to integrate state-of-the-art quantitative analytics within policy and regulatory frameworks to accomplish our clients’ objectives. With our wealth of financial industry, regulatory, management, and academic experience, we create robust and transparent solutions to meet our clients’ unique business challenges.

Model Development and Validation

We excel at and enjoy developing and validating highly complex financial models, including benchmark and challenger models.

Risk Management Analytics and Reporting

We provide our clients with comprehensive risk management reports and analytical tools to assist in identifying and quantifying risk concentrations.

Stress-Testing and Regulatory Compliance Support

We support financial institutions with services to prudently operate their business and advise government entities on program evaluations.

Integrity. Excellence. Creativity.

At IFE Group, we enjoy and excel at what we do. By coupling our wealth of experience with our extensive quantitative skills and innovative approaches, we are uniquely positioned to create custom solutions that meet our clients’ needs. And we believe in conducting ourselves with uncompromised integrity - we deliver what we promise on time and within budget.

  • IFE Group conducted the independent analysis of the economic capital estimations of FHA’s mortgage insurance programs for more than a decade. FHA insures home mortgages for lower income households and first time home buyers. IFE Group processed the historical month-by-month performance of big data consisting of over 25 million loans; statistically estimated prepayment, default, and loss severity rates; and projected stochastic future economic scenarios and the associated prepayment and default events. The model was implemented under a Monte Carlo simulation framework to compute the economic value of the programs under normal and stressed economic scenarios. The model has been frequently verified and validated by various government agencies and the general public.
    Independent Economic Value Analysis of FHA’s Mortgage Insurance Programs
  • IFE Group is engaged by HUD to update, re-estimate and evaluate its Technology-Open-to-Approved-Lenders (TOTAL) scorecard, a statistically derived decision tool that works in conjunction with an AUS to arrive at logic-based automatic accept decisions for FHA loan applications.  The engagement entails baselining the TOTAL scorecard; incorporating new credit scores; developing challenger models and examining the predictive power of detailed credit attributes; establishing an evaluation framework and criteria for champion-challenger comparison; conducting fair lending impact analyses; and incorporating new modeling and data mining techniques.
    Update, Re-Estimation, and Evaluation of HUD’s TOTAL Scorecard
  • IFE Group is engaged by HUD to conduct fair lending compliance review of Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s Automated Underwriting Systems to determine if the data, model, or implementation of the AUS indicate “disparate treatment or impact” on protected classes, with special attention to race, ethnicity, and gender.  IFE Group designed a methodology to track the performance of the GSE’s underwriting and identified potential improvements by building alternative models, and conducting statistical testing.
    Fair Lending Review of Automated Underwriting Systems
  • IFE Group validated the mortgage underwriting systems for international foreign government’s national housing agency. The engagement included: evaluating different approaches, such as Hedonic, Repeated Sales, Tax Proxy, and aggregation estimates from sub-models; conducting comprehensive validation, including code review, soundness of conceptual design, estimation analyses, reasonableness of model selection, and robustness of model performance; identifying issues and proposing remediation solutions; conducting stress-testing to evaluate model performance of the AVMs under hypothesized housing downturns; reviewing underwriting models and validating soundness of conceptual design and reasonableness of input variables; and presenting analyses to regulators.
    Model Validation of Mortgage Automated Valuation Model (AVM) for a Foreign Government Agency
  • IFE Group has been engaged by a foreign government agency to assess the effectiveness of their housing market analysis framework, which was designed to detect problematic housing conditions for key markets.  As a benchmark of its effectiveness and to explore ways to enhance it, we applied the framework to the U.S. national market and select CBSAs.  The engagement consisted of baselining the framework, including creating a database with U.S. housing and demographic metrics; establishing a selection criteria to select key U.S. markets and applying the framework to them; leveraging our expertise of the U.S. housing market and conducting market research; reviewing model framework for reasonableness; incorporating additional econometric techniques; reviewing framework governance; and presenting our findings and recommendations.
    Assessment of Housing Market Analysis for a Foreign Government Agency

Our Team

At IFE Group, we enjoy and excel at what we do. We conduct ourselves and our business with honesty, sincerity, and uncompromising integrity. We provide our clients with the highest quality of services backed by state-of-the-art techniques, while continuing to push the envelope in search of innovative approaches to problem-solving. We promote individuality while striving to integrate individual talents, cultures, and personalities to form highly motivated, effective, and creative teams. IFE Group is an establishment of highly quantitative financial modelers and well-regarded business strategists.

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We believe there is great value in joining together with partners to leverage complementary experiences and expertise. We partner with organizations that share our value proposition in providing uncompromised integrity, excellence, creativity, and flexibility to our clients. If you believe we would make great partners, please contact us.

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